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Hey all!

We are thrilled to announce that after receiving great feedback from both core, CFC members and community members, we are proposing a new extension to our collaboration with Firo. With the exciting launch of Spark and the upcoming releases of Spark Assets and Helsing, the Core Team and community is entering a phase of expanding marketing activities. This increase in marketing efforts means there will be a corresponding rise in the amount of design-related and marketing work for us.

In response to these developments, we are ready to expand our commitment. For these 3 months, we are ready to dedicate 16 hours per month to this work, maintaining our previous rate of $65/hour.

Considering the recent volatility in Firo's value, we are incorporating a 10% volatility buffer. Given the current spot exchange rate of 1 Firo = $1.47, our monthly compensation will amount to ~778 Firo, which includes this volatility buffer.

We see the tightening grip on crypto privacy as a potentially defining moment for Firo and could position it as a frontrunner in the privacy-centric crypto space, potentially making it the talk of the town.

As in our previous arrangement, we prefer monthly payouts to ensure smooth and seamless cooperation.

We are ready to continue our journey with the Firo community and are 100% committed to keeping producing impactful and visually stunning graphic design work that aligns with these exciting new developments.


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