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Hey all!

We're thrilled to share that, after receiving great feedback once again from the Core team, CFC members, and the broader community, we're proposing an extension of our collaboration with Firo. Our marketing initiatives are ramping up significantly, leading to a greater demand for our animation and design work. In response, we've kicked off an exciting project: an animated video ad, marking a new chapter in our collaboration. Stay tuned for more updates as it progresses.

For the coming three months, we propose dedicating 19 hours per month to our projects at our standard rate of $65/hour. This increase includes an additional 3 hours each month allocated for creating the ad video, recognizing the time-intensive nature of animation. This adjustment comes after reaching an agreement with the Core Team to ensure coverage for this task.

Considering the recent volatility in Firo's value, we are incorporating a 10% volatility buffer. Given the current spot exchange rate of 1 Firo = $2.06, our monthly compensation will amount to ~659 Firo, which includes this volatility buffer. As in our previous arrangement, we prefer monthly payouts to ensure a smooth cooperation. We're excited to keep moving forward with the Firo community, and as always, we are dedicated to creating impactful and visually appealing designs that match up with the amazing things happening with and around Firo.


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