Update Firo telegram and discord tip bots by rehrar

Goal: 3100 FIRO ($5456.0) Miscellaneous
Proposal Seeking funding


More resources. More fun ways to get noobies Firo ASAP so they can start playing with it. Ways to tip for memes! All on your favorite social media platforms.

How much?

$6000. Divided by current Firo price ($2/Firo) gives 3k Firo. I add a small volatility buffer (not the full 10%) to get to 3100 Firo.


Firo has two tip bots. One for Discord and one for Telegram. Unfortunately these tip bots are still on the old Lelantus stuff. We at Cypher Stack would like to port them over to Spark! That's right, deposits and statically held funds will all be in Spark. Withdrawing to a Spark address will be supported too.


Milestone 1: Finish and deploy Discord bot Milestone 2: Finish and deploy Telegram bot


We'll have working tip bots again!

Why you?

We made and tweaked the bots. We made Spark integrations for Stack Wallet. We at Cypher Stack love Firo and Spark, and will get this done.

Oh did I mention the work is already pretty much finished? That's right, we've been working on it in the background between other tasks anyways. They should be deployed soon. ;)

(Hmm...the receiving address has to be transparent. We might want to adjust that to make it accept Spark addresses too)

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