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Turkey Community manager by Kartal

Goal: 150 FIRO ($276.0) Miscellaneous
Proposal Disabled

As FİRO Turkey community manager, I continue to work faithfully to my promise to you. I continue to work in line with the strategy I have determined. I work as a moderator at Twitter, telegram and I was appointed as an admin on Discord this month. In keeping with my promise to you, I have almost doubled the number of Turkish communities. I prepared Turkish posters for FİRO to be better known, and I continue to prepare and share the posters of FİRO technology on social media. I prepare informative visuals about the mining pool. I am trying to attract people's attention with these posters I have prepared. The FİRO community has doubled compared to last month. Another word I gave for FİRO was marketing work. To this end, I contacted the Poloniex listing team and set up a discussion team on Telegram. Ajay and Reuben are part of this discussion group. my main goal is poloniex listing and huobi relisting. process a bitNegotiations continue, albeit slowly I continue to proceed faithfully to the strategy I set for you last month. For this, I ask you to re-authorize January, February and March. I demand 400 FİRO for each I have previously presented the work I have done this month in the form of a report. I will continue to present my reports to you in the last week of each month. I need your support so that I can continue my work that I will start working on reddid after being the manager of twitter, telegram and discord. I thank you all in advance

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