Trending promotion by Gabriel

Goal: 150 FIRO ($225.0) Marketing
Proposal Seeking community approval


I'm moderate of a marketing team , we offer crypto-related services

i'd kindly propose some promotional services on the huge crypto sites like CG, CMC, that can help spread the name of FIRO

How much?

  • 24hrs of top trending search on CG costs 200$
  • 5-7 hrs of top trending search on costs 125$
  • 48 hrs of trending on CMC most visited currencies costs 750$


we offer trending services on the most popular crypto sites as a promotional way to attract the attention of these sites users, it will be in front of them each time they use the search engine so they get to know about its project, social media, platforms that's listed on, road map ..etc


a long term trending will give FIRO fame because only 8 of 15k listed currencies appear in the search engine

Why you?

we have worked before with many big projects ( i can provide some parts of our previous partnerships through Dm if it's required)

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  • Discourse topic posted 2023-06-30 13:46
  • Funding target changed from '100.0 FIRO' to '150.0 FIRO' 2023-06-30 13:47
This proposal is being discussed. Donation details will appear once the proposal is moved to the next stage.