Research Grant on Economic Audit of Firo Hybrid Consensus Method by ryan_ff

Goal: 1000 FIRO ($2070.0) Miscellaneous
Proposal Seeking community approval


Firo hybrid consensus mechanism has an implications on the economics of the network that we believe need to be assessed in order to have a better data for future decision making. At the moment we are wondering whether masternodes would remain active if rewards would be cut in half on the next halving and if miners are still incentivized to mine at a certain amount of yield relative to their cost. Our assessment might not be perfect and answer every questions on this topic but we would like to be able to at least provide a general picture on the subject by analyzing the network economic model.

How much?

1,000 FIRO. With the current conversion rate to USD we think this amount is reasonable but still within the range of for example the grant from ReallyBoringGuild ($2,000-$5,000) We also have an idea to use it to run a masternodes.


We would like to define, measure, analyze, and project economic performance of the network using detailed economic theory and assumption as well as some economic evaluations tools.


4-8 weeks


A research report about "Firo Hybrid Consensus Mechanism Economic Review" An Analysis of Firo's Proof of Work and Masternodes Incentive Model.

Why you?

Muwaffiqol F. Almuttaqin has two years of experience as a blockchain research analyst and has been studying Firo since 2020. He also wrote some popular article related to Firo such as;, and

Ryan R. is Firo Indonesia Community Manager that is also has a background in Finance and Economics.

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