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This proposal has been disabled. It did not pass community approval or otherwise did not make the cut.

Raise awareness of Firo by advertising on Youtube by Fiendish

Goal: 2000 FIRO ($3460.0) Marketing
Proposal Disabled


To reach people who don't know about Firo yet. I especially hope to reach the people who think Bitcoin is private.

How much?

2000 Firo's Paid in advance. This will pay for a duration of 6 months of infomercials. This equates to a cost of 333.33 Firo's per month. Infomercials can commence immediately upon approval/payment and will be included on the next video I publish.


I will play an infomercial at the end of each video explaining what Firo is and it's benefits as well as direct people to Firo.org to learn more.

I will also update the ad periodically to inform people regarding different aspects of Firo as well as when new dev milestones are hit. For example the release of Elysium etc. From a previous campaign I have learned repeating the same ad gets stale for viewers.

Channel stats:

Age: 2018 to present Total views of channel = 38,000,000+ Approximate monthly views at current release schedule = 400,000 Subscribers = 350,000+

*Note monthly views should increase as I'm releasing videos more frequently after previously scaling back my workload. This however cannot be guaranteed.

Sample of previous infomercial can be viewed at the below link. https://odysee.com/FiroSample:6


My audience is primarily interested in politics & finance. The channel isn't crypto centric but from time to time we do cover prominent people within the industry. There are some high net-worth individuals that enjoy the channel. The most noteworthy person to date is a Billionaire who made a donation (again can verify privately). Viewers are primarily based in USA, Europe & UK.

History: I have previously advertised Firo for a small fee for Reuben as a way to help out the project. I however take a financial hit as it impedes my ability to advertise my own services. Also viewers generally don't like ads.

Duration of previous infomercial campaign. First ad - 16th of January 2021 - Firo was $4.51 Final ad - 29th October 2021 - Firo was $8.55

*Obviously correlation does not equal causation, but at least there is some history.

Terms & Conditions:

  • I'm not willing to dox my channel publicly, but I will provide screen shots of appropriate vital statistics, and allow Reuben to verify privately if required.

  • I have neither the inclination or the time to write reports. I can however provide screen shots monthly on the number of video views. Also Reuben or Lucas can monitor my channel to make sure I am keeping up my end of the bargain.

  • I will not give direct calls to action outside of explaining the positive features of Firo and pointing viewers to where they can go to find out more information.

  • The main reason I'm willing to do this, is that the goals of Firo align with the ideology of our mostly pro freedom viewers.


Ideally we increase Firo's market cap rank relative to other projects. If it's successful, it will expand the dev's resources to continue building Firo with less restriction.


The size of the Firo community grows as we educate people on the importance of privacy to liberty.

Why you?

I hopefully have built some trust within our community and I'm in a position to do it.

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