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Goal: 10000 FIRO ($17400.0) Wallets
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The cold storage wallet makers are centralized! The leading hardware manufacturers sell $150 glorified USB sticks that require a hot device to enable cold storage capabilities while needing you to provide your email, name, bank info, and physical address to hold your own assets safely offline. Not only is this not safe from a crypto best security standpoint but it defeats the entire purpose of web3, being that the whole ideology is based on the removal of the third party. Ledger has expressed the ability to recover seed phrases with the most recent firmware and governments have access to your phone through mass data gathering sites; Facebook, Google, Amazon, and the list goes on. Your keys are as good as gone if you hold your keys in a mobile device picture gallery, in your notes pages, or if there is significant wifi access. We are here to provide sovereignty for all with our solution.

View our introduction slide to understand more about our purpose:

How much?

The total cost to build out the prototype is ~$75k which will be deoployed over a three month stretch broken in 6 legs/sprints. We are accepting crowd funding to bring about the earliest development, but unlike many early-stage funding opportunities, we are databasing an encryption of your FIRO sending wallet, which will act as your private download key to your unique SoveranceOS BETA download. The minimum to enter the BETA and have our reciever database your wallet is $30 worth of FIRO.

Additionally: we have a list of various VCs who have express interest however have bookmarked us and are waiting, on the sidelines, to deploy capital until after the BETA is achieved. To stay up to date, follow us on Twitter/X:

We are accepting private micro equity deals starting $5,000. If you have interest in having ownership, contact our email for more info.


The SoveranceOS is an android derived stack that enables your android mobile device to become a cold storage digital fortress. The SoveranceOS repurposes the users obsolete Android device to become a wallet manager solution; factory reseting, degoogling/defacebooking, erasing your IMEI number (disabling cellular pinging), removing the camera, GPS, wifi, bluetooth, and other services that are unnecessary for cold storage. In turn, you are left with a completely ghost device, purchased anonymously with FIRO to hold BTC, ETH, FIRO, and other tokens, rendered invisible to any 3rd parties knowledge for a price point 5x cheaper than the leading brands.

Learn more on our mock website:


We have been able to source roughly $1,050 (35 BETA entries) and have all the necessary steps laid out to produce our prototype with financier ready to provide capital at a moments notice.

Keep up to date with our latest milestones on X: or


As expressed above, for those who are the earliest financiers of the SoveranceOS, you'll be rewarded with a BETA download, based on your FIRO sending address, with a minimum donation of $30 worth of FIRO.

Soverance receiving address: a1J1Si4Y4mBdg6noLrWNLwP7bS6VeFBLzi

Why you?

My name is Austin and I'm a privacy advocate. The tides have been turning and the centralizition of crypto is in full swing, however, privacy is a fleeting commodity. Being able to provide this solution was the accumulation of knowledge, supporters, and hope for what appears to be almost 2 years. I've been in the background of various privacy communities and have found a calling to provide this solution to the world so that people can have ownership of their digital wealth. When privacy is desired to be outlawed by the highest authority, people must stand together to provide the solutions in the favor of the masses. This crowd funding initiative is to empower the people to have their right to privacy to ensure that Soverance will be made by the people for the good of the people.

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