Lucas, English CM (April 2023) by Lucas

Goal: 2092.27 FIRO ($3535.94) CFC
Proposal Work in Progress

This proposal is intended to finish off my last (and already approved) proposal and correcting an error that was made with the previous proposal. You can find my previous proposal here:

The amount is exactly the same amount as what was accidentally sent to me after a miscommunication. You can not only confirm this from the previous proposal, but you can also see Reuben's instructions for me to do so and public disclosure here:


Amount: $2,500 USD a month. The Firo value specified is the amount total accidentally sent.

Period: April (Finishing off previous proposal)

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  • Payment of 1172.56 FIRO sent 2023-04-29 19:22
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919.7100643 FIRO Available for payout :-)
This proposal is fully funded and in development.

  • Amount: 1172.56 FIRO
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  • Date: 2023-04-29 19:22

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