Hummingbot Miner FIRO/BTC & FIRO/BUSD campaigns extension by tincho

Goal: 6600 FIRO ($11616.0) CFC
Proposal Completed


FIRO has been sponsoring Hummingbot Miner campaigns for the last 2 years to help improve its liquidity on Binance by tapping into Miner's unique user base of pro traders and small market makers:

  • 700+ unique users participated in FIRO campaigns
  • users' provided liquidity through out any given day averages $30k USD
  • users' generate $60k+ of daily traded volume in average (5.6% of total traded volume on Binance for FIRO's pairs)

How much?

  • FIRO/BUSD Reward pool: 200 FIRO/week
  • FIRO/BTC Reward pool: 200 FIRO/week
  • Platform fee: 150 FIRO/week Proposed campaign extension: 12 weeks Total FIRO needed: 6,600 FIRO


FIRO will continue to sponsor 2 campaigns on Hummingbot Miner for an additional 12 weeks. Each campaign will offer 200 FIRO per week in rewards for those users that provide liquidity inside the 2% spread on Binance, for the sponsored pairs (FIRO/BUSD and FIRO/BTC). Rewards are calculated based on 1 minute snapshots of the order book and paid out on a weekly basis. CoinAlpha (owner of HB Miner) will top-up FIRO rewards with an additional 5,000 HBOT tokens/week. Campaigns will run from March 7 00UTC to May 29 23:59UTC, 2023


  • Campaigns launch (March 7th, 2023 00UTC)
  • Receive total funding no later than March 13th, 2023
  • Campaigns end (May 29, 2023 23:59 UTC)


Hummingbot Miner's users will continue to market make on Binance, for the 2 markets to be sponsored. Although CoinAlpha's cannot control the individual activities of their users, we expect to continue to see liquidity and traded volume in the same levels: around $30k+ of daily averaged liquidity and $60k+ of 24h average traded vol.

Why you?

We are the creators of the only crowd-source liquidity platform and have been helping FIRO with its liquidity for over 2 years now, with great results. FIRO has become one of the platform's favorite campaigns, forming a base of loyal users.

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This proposal is completed. See the forum discussion thread for more information.

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  • Date: 2023-05-22 05:37

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  • Date: 2023-03-11 14:47

  • Amount: 6600.0 FIRO
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