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Graphic artist and designer by Prince Adams

Goal: 4 FIRO ($8.88) Design
Proposal Disabled


i actually intend on helping firo community out with their design works, videos, banners, stickers, 3d&2d modeling and many more....... What problem(s) are you trying to solve?

How much?

i render my animated stickers for 7$ each while static 5$

What is the total cost? List expenses per item. Total hours of work and per hour rate. What exchange rates are you using?


I am a graphic artist and as well specialize in 3D&2D modelling, sticker, gifs, logo creations and many more depending on you preferences. I could show you samples of my animation if you wish.... And as well work as a shiller to help the group out with real crypto users and members Describe your idea in detail.


my stickers should be expected in 1or 2 days while my videos in 3days though i do carry out urgent works depending and my 2d 3d render in 1 week or 2 weeks depending on the nature Break down tasks into different stages. Each stage should have the estimated number of days/weeks needed and cost per stage.


What will be delivered? What goals will be reached?

Why you?

(Stated above ) What skills and experience do you have?

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