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Goal: 400 FIRO ($744.0) Miscellaneous
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Admin Note: As per discussions by the Community Fund Committee, Rasikh has agreed to fund this personally for a month as a trial at 400 FIRO and to see the results.

I will try to increase the popularity of 1.fıro token. Social Media Studies, twitter, telegram and discort marketing, Advertising work with well-known people on Twitter. Forwarding to the mining pool. 5.Increase the number of holders I will do marketing work, I will work to be listed with free listing and voting method I want to receive payment as firo I will devote all my time to this. I will work full time. I demand 2500 firo. I will also pay people who are known on twitter with these. I will give you quarterly reports December January February.I will also try to enlarge the groups in which the Turkish society is present, I will support all investors online 18 hours a day and answer all their questions. I will try to prevent Firo from being affected more by giving psychological support to people in the bear market we are in I graduated from the faculty of communication at the university and did my master's in sociology. Therefore, communication skills and relationships with people are at a high level. I also worked for a long time in social media manager, marketing and marketing in many crypto projects. I am experienced and knowledgeable in this regard for Firo will do my best 3-month payment 1200 firo I will advertise firo token every week on these two accounts

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