Firo Philippines (Community Management) Resume by LukeFiro_PH

Goal: 100 FIRO ($177.0) Miscellaneous
Proposal Completed

Hi everyone,

I'm Lemar "Luke" Briones from Philippines. I am a Community Manager(CM) in Zcoin Philippines since October 2019 and now rebranded to Firo, now Im back and love to share all what I read and understand about privacy coin Firo in Filipino Community.

How much?

The amount of FIRO is based on what my wage was in previous 100 FIRO per month. I can work 8 hours a day and even at night I can still share news about Firo in Filipino Community Telegram and on my twitter and Firo_PH Twitter you can visit by clicking the hyperlinks.


Zcoin/Firo Philippines is part of the top 20 active telegram groups in the Philippines last April 2020. v v v top 20 active telegram groups in the philippines and now to be continued.........

Why you?

Im a Full-time Firo Philippines Community Manager, I Graduated Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and i also made my own telegram marketing tool using python using pyrogram library by #tgcrypto to easily promote my telegram group in filipino community. Im a GPU Miner and I'm cryptocurrency enthusiast since 2017 and is dedicated to spreading awareness of Firo across the Philippines.

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This proposal is completed. See the forum discussion thread for more information.

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