Firo English Community Manager by Lucas

Goal: 5500 FIRO ($9680.0) Miscellaneous
Proposal Completed

Lucas, Firo English Community Manager

I have previously proposed funding and it is time for me to propose again. For those that are not aware, I am the Community Manager for the English channels, but I do keep an eye on other language channels for Firo as well as participate in those channels from time to time. I also manage Reddit, Discord, and the YouTube channel comments for Firo.

I am a co-host for Fiendish for Show Me the Firo. I attend weekly meetings with our partners over at the BPSAA on behalf of Firo. I have previously handled events for Firo that spanned from the instant messaging apps, to the forums, and even on Twitter with more planned for the future. The most recent event was an Open House for Elysium with Diego. Coming soon we will be having an event for FiroDEX.

I have now begun assisting the rest of the Firo team in communications with the pools with Kayz for the mining incentive event put forward by the CFC, as well as communications for events with fellow projects. I also generally take up tasks as required by the team whenever there is a necessity which varies greatly in what the tasks will be, but previously I assisted in things such as blog posts, reaching out to partners, creating agendas, working on slides for presentations, proof-reading works for various purposes, etc.

I have been performing these duties full-time and would like to proceed to do so. Currently, my salary is $2,500 USD a month. As a stipulation requested last time, I will continue to perform the monthly report to the CFC with this renewal, and I aim for this to be a three-month interval as last time. Therefore this would cover November to January. As there was confusion about this previously, my intention is that at the end of the month when it comes time to pay it is in USD value to match and not a flat rate of Firo. I hope that my work up to this point has been satisfactory and that you will choose to fund me again! Thank you for your time!


Amount: $2,500 USD a month. The Firo value specified is merely a placeholder

Length: November to January

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This proposal is completed. See the forum discussion thread for more information.

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