Firo CM (Filipino Community Manager) by LukeFiro_PH

Goal: 300 FIRO ($558.0) Miscellaneous
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Hi #firofam!

I am Lemar "Luke" Briones, Community Manager for the Filipino Channels Telegram and Twitter and I am pleased to present this proposal for your review. The Filipino group is an active group and I believe that I will increase the number of active members in my group in the next few months and share what I read and understand about privacy coin Firo in Filipino Community.

My salary is 100 FIRO a month. For three months that's 300 FIRO. I always set aside 10 FIRO out of 100 FIRO for my budget for the tip of the members in the most active in Filipino channel and 90 FIRO for my keep.

Attach here my accomplishment report for the last three months >>> CLICK HERE!

Thank you so much!

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