Firo CM (English Community Manager) by Lucas

Goal: 5500 FIRO ($16500.0) Miscellaneous
Proposal Work in Progress

Hey there FiroFam!

I’m sure you have seen me around, but this is Lucas, Community Manager for the English channels! Over on Reddit and Discord, I am “DinkBlitz”. While my main focus is of course the English channels, I do also pop into other channels of other languages when I have the time to see how everyone is doing. I have also taken on the role as being a co-host for Fiendish on Show Me the Firo, and I attend our weekly meetings with our partners at the BPSAA. I have also handled numerous events for the Firo community. I also heed the call whenever the team requires something that is in my wheelhouse, such as writing blog posts.

As part of the recent determinations by the Community Fund Committee’s deliberations, I am posting this proposal! My position requires me to be full-time, and I have held to that responsibility since the start; I have been active every day throughout my days for over a year now. I hope that my track record so far in my duties speaks for itself. My salary is $2,500 USD a month. For three months that's $7,500. At current price of $1.50/Firo that comes down to 5,000 Firo. As a volatility buffer I added 10% and that brings it to 5,500 Firo. However, if monthly works better for the CFC I am fine with continuing to work on a monthly basis! I will continue to do everything I can to earn my keep and the betterment of Firo!

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