Firo Blockchain Research and Development for Ecosystem Growth. by vsnation

Goal: 14500 FIRO ($32190.0) CFC
Proposal Seeking community approval

As the creator of @firo_tipbot, I propose to conduct a full ecosystem research to identify the weak points of existing blockchain tools and make them more user-friendly. I will also work on ecosystem growth by analysing the most needed developments to increase $FIRO coin utility, documentation for devs and privacy features. My proposal includes upgrading the @firo_tipbot to make it more useful for the community and connecting it to the Discord.


I have extensive experience in developing tools for privacy blockchains. You can check my developments on Beam Blockchain, including,,,, and many more.


My proposal requires $6,000 USD per month for a period of six months, from April to September. The Firo value specified is merely a placeholder.

  • Proposal created 2023-03-01 13:41
  • Discourse topic posted 2023-03-01 13:41
  • Funding target changed from '85000.0 FIRO' to '14500.0 FIRO' 2023-03-01 13:41
This proposal is being discussed. Donation details will appear once the proposal is moved to the next stage.