Firo 3-Month Trial Marketing Contract by VostoEmisio

Goal: 2332.5 FIRO ($3522.07) CFC
Proposal Completed

Dear FIRO community,

We, VostoEmisio, are excited to present our proposal to you. As a full-scale marketing agency, we have extensive experience working with large national and international organizations. We share your passion for privacy and are eager to contribute to your marketing efforts.

We understand that you may be cautious about entering into a long-term contract, which is why we are proposing a 3-month trial run to ensure that our services align with your goals and that the community is happy with our contributions.

Roadmap for the 3-Month Trial Contract:

  • First Month - Deep Studying and Iterations:

Gain a comprehensive understanding of FIRO's branding, vision, and core team ideals for future communication.

Evaluate existing projects and design work in progress, including the WIP website, Firo wallets, broadcasting branding assets, and other related communication efforts.

  • Months 2-3 – Deliverables and Execution:

Act on the insights gathered from the core team and community to develop and implement design improvements and suggestions for:

Firo wallet

WIP website


Branding – Motion and static assets in digital productions (Show me The Firo and so on)

Branding internal – General layouts for documents, emails, and merchandise

Copywriting – Tonality and framework for content production strategy

Spark Launch - We will create a blend of engaging visuals and informative content, making the technology and the concept accessible to a wider audience.

Create a future roadmap for Q2-Q4, laying the groundwork for continuous marketing efforts and value addition to the community's work.*

  • Working with Current FIRO Branding:

We acknowledge the importance of maintaining consistency in your brand identity. As part of our collaboration, we will work with the current FIRO branding and will not undertake any reiterations of the graphic profile or work related to the actual branding guide of FIRO. Our focus will be on enhancing your existing branding and creating cohesive, high-quality marketing materials that align with your established identity.

  • Budget and Hours:

During this trial period, we are proposing to allocate 25 hours per month to work on Firo, with an hourly rate of 65 USD. At the time of submitting the proposal this would equal to 1625$ /2.09$ = 777.5 FIRO per month. In case more extensive work is required, such as animations or video material, we will consult with the community in advance to request an extended budget, ensuring transparency and collaboration at every stage of the process.

  • Limitations:

Please note that we do not provide coding services. Our expertise lies in visual marketing, design, animation, and copywriting. However, we are open to collaborating with consultants or talented community members to create exceptional solutions that require coding.

  • References:

For a better understanding of our previous work, please visit the reference link provided: MoneroKon 2023 Prague

We believe that this 3-month trial period will demonstrate our commitment to delivering high-quality marketing services for you. We are confident that our collaboration will lead to success and growth for the project.

We look forward to discussing this proposal with the community and moving forward with the trial period.



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This proposal is completed. See the forum discussion thread for more information.

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