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Goal: 1581 FIRO ($3082.95) Design
Proposal Seeking funding

Hey all!

In a few days, our initial 3-month design and content contract will wrap up. Thanks to great feedback and a thumbs-up from the core team, we're excited to propose an extension of our collaboration with Firo for another three months.

In this proposal, our role will be to continue to provide ongoing graphic design support, ensuring that Firo's visual content remains engaging, captivating, and aligned with the brand. We are committed to dedicating 12 hours per month to this work, at the same rate as before ($65/hour), resulting in a total of $780. Based on the current exchange rate, this amounts to approximately 527 Firo (at $1.48/Firo) per month. With these dedicated hours, we estimate that we will be able to handle around 8 visual content images per month, adjusting slightly depending on the complexity of each project.

The contract will be valid for 3 months from the day of funding, allowing us to continue supporting Firo's graphic design needs consistently over this period.

As always, we wish for monthly payouts, ensuring a smooth and seamless cooperation.

We are excited to stay on this journey with the Firo community and look forward to collaborating on impactful and visually stunning graphic design work.


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