C14 - Fiat <> Crypto Payment Flow for Firo Ecosystem by Patrick_C14

Goal: 1 FIRO ($2.21) Miscellaneous
Proposal Seeking community approval


C14’s mission is to empower users around the world to easily engage with digital assets.

Existing on/off ramps are expensive, difficult-to-use, and support only a small fraction of potential users around the world. C14 is building the next generation of fiat <> crypto payment flow: a seamless, ecommerce-like payment widget that can be embedded in websites and dApps across the Firo ecosystem.

How much?

The total listing fee amount will be agreed upon by the C14 an Firo teams.


The C14 widget will support users in established markets as well as emerging and underserved markets around the world via the most adopted local fiat payment methods.

Users benefit from:

  • A seamless fiat <> crypto payment flow that mirrors the ease of a typical e-commerce transaction. This allows any user in our growing list of coverage areas to easily purchase Firo assets and transact across the Firo ecosystem with ease, comfort, and security.

  • One-step mobile login and stored payment methods available to users. This allows for seamless and rapid repeat transactions (~20 seconds) across the Firo ecosystem wherever the C14 widget is embedded (DEX’s, NFT Marketplaces, etc.)

As a C14 partner, Firo benefits from:

  • A powerful (and continually improving) ramp to onboard users around the world – including users in emerging and underserved markets that currently have no meaningful ramp coverage.

  • A seamless fiat <> crypto payment flow made available to any projects building on Firo at no cost to them. Projects can also work with C14 to list their native token(s) in the C14 widget. This serves as a powerful incentive for third-party developers to build on Firo instead of other networks.

  • Access to users who previously were unable to on-ramp into Firo assets due to a lack of crypto experience or ramp coverage in their area. This provides a significant increase in the total addressable market for any project building on Firo as opposed to building on a chain that doesn’t have the C14 widget.


This grant will be paid upon successful listing of the agreed upon assets by C14. Token amount will be determined based on token price at the time the tokens are sent to C14.

We propose the grant be paid in full upon completion of the following milestone: succesful purchase of native $FIRO with fiat payment via the C14 widget.


C14 will initially deploy a widget that allows users in existing coverage areas to purchase $FIRO and directly with fiat payment. From there, C14 will continually improve the functionality of the widget and add new payment options and coverage areas - including emerging and underserved markets around the world.

Once we complete the integration, the C14 widget can be easily embedded into any Firo project websites and dApps. This means that users can freely transact across Firo using their one-step mobile login and stored payment methods. We believe this is especially beneficial to Firo, as in-game tokens and assets will need to be readily accessible for purchase.

There is no limit to the number of ecosystem projects C14 is willing to help onboard as embed or listing partners. C14 will be available to work with any ecosystem projects who want to integrate the C14 widget into their project and/or list their native token in the C14 widget.

C14 will not charge a setup, monthly or minimum fee of any kind for ecosystem projects that embed the C14 widget. Once our Firo integration is complete, all ecosystem projects will be welcome to utilize what we have built!

Why you?

The C14 team has broad experience across crypto, full-stack development, and global payments.

Unlike other ramps, C14 is focused on adding meaningful coverage for emerging and underserved markets around the world. We will do this by integrating local payment providers in places where card adoption is low.

By integrating the most popular payment methods in global markets, we can drastically expand our coverage and allow users around the world of any crypto experience level to easily engage with digital assets on Firo.

Depending on the timing of this integration, C14 will initially launch with coverage in the U.S., E.U., Canada and Brazil (our current coverage zones as of writing this proposal). From there, C14 will focus on adding coverage for established markets as well as emerging and underserved markets around the world. This includes card payments in areas where card adoption is significant, and non-card payment methods in areas where card adoption is low (PIX in Brazil, SPEI in Mexico, etc.)

C14 also welcomes all input from the Firo team regarding areas where adding meaningful coverage would be most beneficial to Firo user growth and adoption!

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