Awareness Campaign About Firo Using Crew3 ( by Ecelps

Goal: 2000 FIRO ($2980.0) Marketing
Proposal Seeking community approval

Why? As a community member, I want to engage and help Firo grow and make the project a sustainable one. As we all know, web3 is very much popular nowadays hence, I would like to propose to use Crew3 in marketing Firo. Crew3 is a very popular platform that is currently being used in most web3 communities to help online communities grow and engage their members. It allows members to earn rewards by completing tasks and competing on a leaderboard, which encourages participation and helps the community thrive.

How much?

			I initially put 2000 Firo as a reward but I want the team to decide for it since its marketing. 


			I would like to propose a 3-month activity in crew3 ( to introduce Firo in web3 communities. We will build quests which are all about Firo. The participants will be able to earn XP for every quest they completed.  


  1. Getting Started - Daily Connect on
  2. Social Media Engagement - They will be asked to follow and engage on Firo's social media accounts like Twitter, Telegram, IG, FB, discord, etc. - Daily/Weekly
  3. Inviting Friends - They will invite friends to join the quest - Daily
  4. Quest Builder - Participants are welcome to build a quest about Firo
  5. Creative - They are task to make a content about Firo (e.g Infographics, video content, twitter thread, etc)
  6. Feedback/Bug - They will be asked to give feedbacks and report bugs while using Firo
  7. Others


Established community! I believe the community is the heart of the project for it to be sustainable. With this activity, we can invite people to join and invest in Firo.

Why you?

I am an Electronics and Communication Engineer by profession but I was able to work with the core/developers team in Waves Blockchain which gives me more knowledge in handling maketing using web3. I was a Tier 4 ambassador/regional manager/community moderator in Waves Ecosystem for almost 2 years. I just stopped working there 2 months ago because of Waves cost-cutting. Before I dived in to the blockchain space, I was working as an executive secretary of the University President in the Philippines as well as the planning officer in that university. With the knowledge and skills that I have, I believe I can help in marketing Firo to the world!

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This proposal is being discussed. Donation details will appear once the proposal is moved to the next stage.